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A multidisciplinary lobbying firm based in Washington, DC

Knowledge, Integration, Service

Crossroads Strategies, LLC (CRS) is a bipartisan, multi-disciplinary federal relations, advocacy and advisory firm based in Washington DC.  Founded in 2010 by longtime advocacy industry veterans, CRS offers a wide suite of services ranging from congressional affairs to agency and regulatory lobbying.  Leveraging the skills and knowledge of 20 practitioners hailing from the Pacific Northwest to the Gulf Coast, CRS not only offers direct advocacy services to our clients, but also strategic intelligence and reputational management, including executive positioning.  At CRS we are committed to anticipating and managing political challenges in partnership with our clients before those challenges present a true detriment to their interests..

The size and scope of federal influence on the nation’s economy and local governance has never been larger.  As a result, engaging and managing the federal policy apparatus is critical to sustained business and institutional success.  Businesses, professional and trade associations, and public and private institutions of all sizes are realizing the necessity of making themselves known to policy makers, engaging on matters of importance and managing their reputation within the federal space.  That’s why over 50 clients ranging from some of the world’s largest corporations and associations to smaller public institutions engage the services of the CRS team.

Unlike many other federal affairs firms, the CRS client service culture maintains a collaborative environment where all of our partners and associates are engaged on matters of importance to every client – whether a given client need is accessing particular policy makers or influencers, or gathering and sharing intelligence important to the client’s interests.  Furthermore, CRS is committed to an integrated offering that brings public relations and influence assets to bear on complex client matters in addition to traditional lobbying.  Given the changing nature of managing policy outcomes in Washington, CRS has stayed at the forefront of integrated influence campaigns, designing, managing and implementing these multi-layer efforts on behalf of clients.

On a broad spectrum that ranges from technology issues to financial services, the CRS team has the expertise, experience and skills to define and provide any level and type of federal engagement program for your business or institution.

We invite you to learn more about our team members and the depth of experience and service you can rely on as a valued CRS client.

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